And The Journey Starts

10 days

3400 kms


Solo rider & a TVS Wego

It was 18th of December 2015,the day full of mixed emotions for me  ,the day of doubts ,excitement and a bit of reluctance. The day when my love for travelling and exploring overpowered my urge to stay with my brother, who had come all the way from Pune to meet me.Many felt ,how  could I cover so much distance and that too on a moped . I wanted to break those shackles created by our very own society about a single girl travelling on a moped with very limited resources.I am glad I did that.The entire experience was so enriching that I decided to write.The journey was indeed soul enriching. Here’s my experience straight from the heart!

18th dec- Day 1- 6.30 am the journey begins from Nagpur.First destination decided was Hyderabad.476 kms from Nagpur woh alag baat hai ki humne pehle hi din 550 kms chala liya.This was  my first time to embark on such a long journey.The first two hours of my journey went by feeling sleepy and dan in awe with the beautiful sunrise, it was an everyday sunrise because I travel the same route by bus to go to my office but the charm was multifold today.After the 2 hrs I took a  breakfast break in Jamb 65 kms from nagpur ,yes, I rode only 65 kms in 2 hrs.I believe in riding slow but this slow scared me,Hyderabad was real far.I entered the famous Ashok Hotel of Jamb, after placing order for the breakfast and doing some mental calculation of the distance and speed to reach Hyderabad by 6 pm, sipping a hot cup of chai ,I put on my headphones listened to matargashti ..I jus love DAT song did some matargashti myself oblivious to the people. After the not so satisfactory breakfast I hit the road again with determination.

Till Hinganghat the roads are  in very good condition 4 lane,smooth ride but after that till Adilabad its mostly single lane because of the on going construction and thanks to our previous  contractors who started the job dint complete it but on the other hand it got  delayed.Once you cross Maharashtra border the road gets better and again 4 lane.

After crossing Jamb rode continuously till Adilabad with only 15 mins break and 1 stop for petrol refill.

After Adilabad I started seeing the sign board of Nirmal where my Dada Bhabhi stay . I got excited that wow after inviting me so many times to come to their place I will be finally visiting them as I thought the town is on the highway but nope you need to take a small detour to visit Nirmal where it says Hyderabad 226 straight and Nirmal 22kms to right.But then whats the fun of riding a bike if we dont get the freedom of doing what we want to so the decision was made and simultaneously a surprise call was made “Bhabhi in 15 mins I will be home”.The road to Nirmal is good and the point from where Ghat starts the view is astonishing one can see 7 small rivers from there (I dont have any picture as I thought will click in return but took another route and not everything needs evidence,right). It was exciting to meet someone familiar in a completely new city and I got to eat awesome biryani with Bhabhi to make up to the boring breakfast while her dental patient is still waiting with half the treatment done and half remaining :p .Thanks to the patient or the lunch would not have been possible.

It was 3 pm and I bid adieu to Nirmal.

Hyderabad 222 kms,3 pm my heart was racing as i had never rode at night on highways was a bit apprehensive too but the best part is they have so many villages enroute so problems can be handled .After continuous journey of 4 hrs reached hyderabad but not the end of the story abhi toh bas city enter kiye ho destination nahi pohoche(Welcome to the Big City) and so the journey continued till 8.45pm.What I liked the most was it was so easy to reach the destination as people were so helpful and clear about the directions .”People were helpful” might sound strange to many but its true, whenever I travel alone people cared more and were more helpful it felt like its their responsibility to keep me safe.So with all the help on direction (Ya I dint use GPS,not very techsavy) 8.45 pm I reached Hotel Palazzo a very nice place to stay and again it was time for another surprise call to one of my friends the rockstar and actress  staying in Hyderabad.My friend was suppose to pick me up from a mall near to my hotel so I thought to take walk to the malI, I love to take walk in new cities as I feel I get to know that city more and you become part of that city. So when I planned to walk till the mall to my surprise the watchman walked with me till the end of the hotel lane as it was dark (I told you people are more helpful).So I reach mall and It was time to first get shocked to see your  friend in a Saree😝,then relive all the hostel memories,gossip and obviously much required selfie😊 the time was made more memorable by the  joining of anothet stylish star her husband,ek hi raat me do do star😊.And even after the tiring ride of 550 kms the chat continued till 1.30 am. This is the best thing I love while travelling meeting old and new people enroute creating new bonds surprising them listening to their stories creating new stories.


So with all the Happiness in the heart and khatte mithe experiences it was time to doze off to start again next day for some more new experiences.


17 thoughts on “And The Journey Starts

  1. Woohooooo!!! You have a long way to go… N trust me you are in my ‘best people I know’ list, n it’s not a very easy list to reach 😋
    Thanks for all the sweet words…
    Talking about the blog; it’s just so fresh, desi, casual, touches so many sensitive topics that prevail in our country with so much ease…
    Keep the positivity going, you are making a difference, so keep doing that!!!
    Be blessed always!!!
    Loooooads of love


  2. “And here come our wego girl” you always surprise us ….hats off to your courage and your passion for travelling , looking forward to more such blogs.


  3. Nice beginning. You have completed the journey, as I write this. But in such explorations, one should not look at the kilometers travelled, but what new and exciting things you see on the way or which different kind of people you come across, what difficulties you experience and how people helped you come out of it, so on. I trust your next episodes will cover these aspects.

    A travelbug and retired staff


    • Thank you so much sir for reading the blog and your valuable suggestion.This is my first post so only your suggestions can help me to make it better.Will keep your suggestions in mind in my next post😊


  4. Way 2 go Snehal….Sooooooo Proud of U !!!!
    Keep travelling n keep creating new stories…..
    It takes Lion’s heart 2 do sumthng as adventorous as tis…..Hope v gt 2 embark on a memorable journey 2gthr sumtme vry soon…..


  5. Congrats sweetie atlast u started writing…
    You are most courageous, adventurous and admant girl I have ever come across…
    Aisa lagta hai Jo hum chahate the vo hum nahi kar sake, chalo koi to hai Jo apane dil ki kar raha hai…
    Waiting for you next 9 days stories…
    Proud of you girl…


  6. Was left with the same feeling one has when ur through with the appetiser and the lethargic waiter has delayed ur main course.
    Or wht happens when a director decides to direct a triology n then loses out on the producer.. n we the humble fans are left panting for more..
    More.. more.. more.. (imagine this with the drumming of plates with knives on a dinner table)
    N ull get the idea..
    Thank you.


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