The Magic Moment

Do I believe in magic?.Dint really until that striking moment which took away all my fears and made me believe “Yes I can do it”. I feel such moments come daily in our lives,somehow we ignore it in our bhagti daudti tension wali daily life with many different roles to play. Travelling helps me experience those moments and appreciate the beauty of life. I was lucky to have one such experience on my very first solo ride to the unexplored gem Bhaisaghat.Bhaisaghat is on Jabalpur Damoh State Highway,bifurcating from the small town of Singrampur, if travelling by own vehicle one will never regret a short detour to the beauty which Bhaisaghat holds.The excellent road with greenery on both sides and the mountain range full of twist and turns is beautiful.Instead of me describing the place lets catch the glimpse of itIMAG1024


After crossing this impressive road I reached the 1st tourist point Nidan Waterfall check point where you need to buy a entry ticket. Sounds easy and simple way to get in ohh wait not for a single girl,I prefer less crowded places but it has its problems and disadvanatges.It was time to test my convincing skills on two guards at check point

Me-Uncle Nidan Waterfall

Guards- Yehi hai.kaha jana hai apko?

Me-Uncle fall dekhne

Guards– kitne log hai aapke sath?


Guards-madam fir toh nahi jane de sakte aapko

Me-uncle kyu

Guards– akele permission hi nahi hai upar se aap ladki ho kuch ho gaya toh hamari jawabdari ho jayegi,naukri chali jayegi

Me-Uncle kuch nahi hoga main dhyan rakhungi,Nagpur se,itni dur se akele aayi hu bas ye fall dekhne bina dekhe kaise jau

Guards : with the surprise look,akele aye ho aap is gadi pe.Par nahi jane de sakte hum aapko. Abhi abhi kuch ladke gaye hai niche pani me pata nahi kaise honge pike honge,hum nahi jane de sakte

Me- (No offence boys,but sometimes you really are a problem :p) some more convincing,uncle waste ho jayega itna dur aana please bas thode der ke liye,kuch nahi hoga main dhyan rakhungi aapki naukri nahi jayegi

Guards :Discussion time between them  and finally- ok hum aapko jane denge par bas pas me ek viewpoint hai jaha se fall dikhta hai wahi tak. Aap niche pani me nahi jaoge aur bas 15 min ,15 mins me aap nahi aaye toh hume aapko dhndte huye aana padega.

And one guard came to drop me to that place.

IMG_9031                                         Waterfall from the view point

Desperately wanted to go down to the point from where water was coming but had promised to get back in 15 min.So time to go back,no not really :).I was about to start my bike and the magic moment happened I saw a traveller bus stopping at the view point and to my surprise 12 Nuns age group between 25 to 82 got down from the traveller. I was astonished,happy,excited (Your wish is my command moment).I knew this is my chance to go down with them,sit near the water and enjoy the beauty .


That was the moment when I realised there is some energy watching you,listening you,protecting you earlier also there were moments when my wish got fulfilled but the energy which I was introduced to by nature at that moment was different. It felt like someone is saying you follow your dream I am there with you,keep your fears aside just believe in yourself.Even today when I go riding on Highways all alone this energy keeps me going not letting me get scared.I guess this also answers the most important question everyone ask “Dont you feel scared”

Time to move to the 2nd point Nazara view point and again to my surprise when I got back to check point and asked for this point eventhough this place was more secluded and interior than waterfall they allowed me saying “jaiye madam dekh aaiye aap nahi daroge bas kahi dikkat lage toh laut aana aur mera no rakh lo jarurat pade toh call kar lena” 🙂

IMG_9062                                          Road to Nazara view point


IMAG1026                                                 View from Ghat

This was My Magic Moment.How about you?Whats yours or are you still ignoring it in daily chaos.



One thought on “The Magic Moment

  1. The unassuming language does what is meant to do.. put across ur thoughts in a simple way!
    But ur equally strong passion to travel can b felt in those words. Like they say.. to travel is better than to arrive!
    Am awestruck by the pics.. n overwhelmed by ur persona!
    Keep up the good work.. n hope u tread everywhere ur mind desires.


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